Vietri sul Mare ITALY (Province of Salerno) JUNE 25-29, 2019

(Local Organizers and INS Chair).

The 2019 Symposium was in Vietri sul Mare (Italy)

The town (elevation: 80 m, 260 ft) is known for its polychrome
ceramics, a local tradition since the 15th century, and is considered
to be the gateway to the Amalfi Coast. The quarter by the sea, named
Marina di Vietri, is located to the south of the town.

Registered participants (as of 15 June 2019)

Program (as of 15 June, 2019)

The local organizers are Luigi Trojano and Dario Grossi, with the help of
Dorothea Weniger.


  • Perceptual and cognitive plasticity across the lifespan (9 speakers, organized by Huxlin, Morrone & Sur) Session 1: Development
    Michela Fagiolini (Harvard, USA): Inhibitory processes during development and in brain disorders.
    John Foxe (Rochester, USA): Endophenotypic markers in childhood neuropsychiatric diseases.
    Mriganka Sur (MIT, USA): Mechanisms of plasticity in developing brain circuits - animal models.

    Session 2: Spontaneous plasticity in normal and pathological states
    Duje Tadin (Rochester, USA): Visual plasticity associated with lifespan, disease and individual differences
    Concetta Morrone (UNI PI, Italy): Neural plasticity of the visual brain in infants and in adults
    Holly Bridge (Oxford, UK): Visual pathways and plasticity in adult hemianopia and anophthalmia.

    Session 3: Intervention-induced plasticity and broader contexts
    Ione Fine (U. Washington, USA): Cortical reorganization due to blindness: Does architecture determine function?
    Krystel Huxlin (Rochester, USA): Early versus late training-induced recovery in hemianopia - dynamics and limits of plasticity post-damage.
    Friedhelm Hummel (EPFL, Switzerland): Brain stimulation to alter and study mechanisms of reorganization and recovery after focal brain lesions.

  • Deep learning and the brain (6 speakers, organized by Thorpe, Freedman & Plaut)
  • The brain's brake: Inhibitory mechanisms in cognition and action (8 speakers, organized by Chelazzi, di Pellegrino & Bartolomeo)

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